Largest solar rooftop in an International School

Bangkok Patana International School, 1,911 kW

Thanks to…

All students of Bangkok Patana International School for pushing up and believing that photovoltaic is an alternative source to energize the school, our city, our coun-
try and our planet.

“I have never had such kind of committed customers with the environment and with the community.

We worked very hard to complied and reached up the students expectations.”

Jose Luis Martin
Managing Director at Energreen Asia

Answers that you should know

Q: How many buildings are covered by solar panels?

A: Totally, 14. FHC, BHC, SPH, HUM, ADM, CAN, TEC, SEC, Y34, FSB, HAL, Senior Extension, Science and Sport Complex.

Q: How many tons of CO2 we are saving to the planet?

A: About 1,200 Tons of CO2 a year.

Q: How many solar panels we have in BPS?

A: A lot!!! 5,680 solar panels, combining Polycristalline and Monocristalline PERC technologies.

Q: What is our Green Energy Ratio?

A: Green Energy Ratio is 25%, that means, 25% of the energy demanded by the school is generated by the solar rooftop installation.

Our SOLAR services

· EPC, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company

· O&M, Operation and Maintenance

· PPA, Power Purchase Agreements

· AM, Assets Management for Investors